Devs’Talk - Nov.2020


Greetings Badlanders!

It has been 3 weeks since the launch of OBT.

We have received lots of suggestions and feedback from our players since the test starts, which is valuable and will surely benefit our following development greatly. It is about time to release some of our recent plans and answer some questions!


--------Recent Update Plans-------

More events and more playable contents

More in-game events will go live in 1 or 2 months.

For example, the approaching Thanksgiving event. During the event, players can win festive skins and avatars, etc. We just can’t wait to serve this well-prepared Thanksgiving feast!

Apart from that, the new Mission System as a major new feature will be added soon, which includes modules like daily missions, weekly missions and 3-day rewards. Players can obtain Cashpoints and rare items through accomplishing missions.

As for players who seek even harder and more exciting game experience, a series of in-game competitions in preparation are waiting for them. One of them, the Top Agent Challenge will go live soon! During the competition period, competitions will be held on a daily basis. There will be elimination and promotion. Players can expect fiercer battles and need to try harder to get to the top of the leaderboard. But we guarantee the payoffs are great, including special title, medal, and exclusive skins, etc.  


Server structure Improvement

We pay lots of attention to the performance of the game servers and try our best to provide a good game experience for more players from different regions. Soon we will implement an overall optimization to our server. After that, the connectivity and connection of each server should be improved significantly. At the same time, we will add EU and JP servers to allow low lag game experience for more players. As the test progresses and the player base expands, we will also consider open more battle servers to adapt to the needs.


-------Some most frequently asked questions-------

FPP Mode

Firstly, we fully recognize the desire for FPP mode from players. A more immersive and engaging game experience for players is always the focus of our dev team. We have incorporated the development of FPP mode into our development schedule and are confident to deliver a satisfying result in the near future.  


New Battle Map

We know! After so many battles, you already know every corner of the existing map. It is just as familiar as your own home :) But no worries, diverse battle experience is also what we try to achieve. The dev team is working non-stop on a new map, which hopefully will be available soon. Even better, this map is for FPP only!

Hints: This time, badlanders need to fight over treasures INDOORS!



We have noticed the growing need for characteristics. We have already worked on a new paint-spraying system, new gun skins, and even more outfits. Players can obtain these customization items via event and store in the future.


Adaption to PC

The voices for PC version are huge. We heard that and are happy to announce that we have added the adaption to PC to our development schedule.


About death replay

Due to the current technology that we rely on to realize death replay, the replay can only correctly show the movement of players but fail to display the correct aiming target. That is the main reason why you sometimes inspect strange situations in replays that you got killed while the bullet missed you, not because that you opponents cheated. We will keep improving the accuracy of death replay. Indeed, we will also take action if a player does use unallowed tools to win.


Zero tolerance on cheating behaviors

The Badlanders team practice a zero-tolerance policy on cheating behaviors and commit to protecting the interest of our players. All cheating behaviors will be subjected to harsh punishment, and a punished account list will be published on a regular basis. To build a fairer game environment, we will keep adjusting and enhancing our anti-script mechanism and techniques to improve the accuracy of illegal software detection. And you are more than welcome to join us in the fight against unfair gameplays.


About the sound of footsteps

We will keep optimizing the overall sound effect of Badlanders to improve the immersive game experience. Noticing the feedback on footsteps, we are trying to increase the variance of footsteps in different levels of a building as to provide a more realistic battle experience.


Lastly, although we are still in the beta phase of this game, we will not be slack on providing a good game experience. We will share our development progress regularly. At the same time, we will also try more ways to communicate with our players like this Devs’ Talk column. Your feedback matters and always motivates us greatly!

Thank you for reading all these! We hope you have fun playing Badlanders and gain some dreaming treasures on the field of Badlanders!


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