Devs’ Talk - Jan. 2021


Greetings, Badlanders!

In this Devs’ talk, we will talk about some new contents, our future development plans, and answer some frequently asked questions.


- New Contents -

PC Version Is About to Come Out

The response was overwhelming on the sneak peek of our on-going development of the PC version. Although we are still working on its interaction optimization, performance adaption and so on, we believe it is almost ready to be unveiled! We hope that players can enjoy a Badlanders with more refined graphics and smoother shooting gameplay on PC. Please stay tuned, the launch date will be revealed soon.  


Valentine’s Day Event

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and so is our Valentine’s Day event. During which, players can win our first sunglasses outfit!

Additionally, there are also special camouflages for two popular weapons to make them even more stylish. A snapshot for more exclusive details might be on its way :)

There are so many more exciting contents of this event. You don’t want to miss it!

What’s more, the outfit gifting system is about to come out. With it, you may send outfits as gifts to your special person or your best buddies.


- Future Development Plan -

Indoor Shooting Range and More Guns

We are working on the demanded indoor shooting range, which we hope can be an ideal test site for various weapon builds before you enter the PVP battlefield.

Speaking of weapons, we have noticed that the call for more guns is high. Of course, there will be more! Some thrilling weapons are already in development and you are more than welcome to share your dream weapons with us. In addition, we will also expand the ranges of items and attachments in the future, so you can enjoy even more diverse builds of guns.


Immersive Experience Improvement

The sound effect is always with top priority on our optimization list since it plays a crucial part in improving the immersive game experience. Now we have made some progress on it. For instance, we have improved on distinguishing footsteps sounds between indoor and outdoor, as well as on different floors. We have also optimized the sound of crouched movement. The optimization of sound effects does not stop here. We are working on adding different hit sounds that vary for different body parts, and enrich characters’ voice sounds, so to make the sound effect more realistic.

We also pay lots of attention to the details of action animations. Our goal is to make every movement of characters natural and smooth. For example, we are currently adjusting the animation of characters’ actions and the angle of peeking.

In addition, we are also working on the day-night cycles that many players expect. We believe that the battlefield at nighttime will be rather exciting and brings some different challenges.


- Q&A -

1) The queue time for NA and EU server is too long. What will you do to fix that?

We have noticed this problem for a while and are trying to improve the situation, so to reduce the waiting time of all players and maintain a low lag gameplay environment at the same time.

In the near update, we will make different modes available for a limited time period at different time phases based on the time zone of each server. We hope this rotation schedule can reduce the pressure of servers and split the players of each mode, but also sustain the diversity of playable modes of each server during its prime time at the same time.

Besides, we also find out that most players only play in the SEA server. However, according to our data, there are enough players for each server to sustain a good game environment. It may be better that just choose the server that suits you rather than the trending one.


2) What is your follow-up plan for FPP mode? When can I play in FPP mode in other maps?

Currently, FPP mode is still on beta and only available on map – Red Beach Base. Our plan for FPP mode is not limited to the indoor maps. After the quality test, we will add FPP mode to outdoor maps as well.

What’s more, FPP mode is also related to the queueing experience. More modes and maps means even more divided players and longer waiting time. Once our mode rotation schedule works smoothly, we will gradually add more modes into the game. Before that, we will appreciate it if you can be patient with us.


3) Lots of players join the Newcomer Call with premium gears, which is unfair. Can you set an upper bound of CE for Newcomer Call?

We have acknowledged this problem and seen the discussion from the community. Here, we would like to share our idea of classification of Badlanders’ game modes.

As shown in the brief descriptions of mode selection, the biggest difference of the 3 levels is the quality of supplies, which leads to different output efficiency under the same condition of successful withdrawal. There is a trade-off between the advantage of higher efficiency and the disadvantage of taking more risks. Therefore, we set different minimum CEs and allowed player amounts for different level to control their expected intensity. Players can choose levels based on their own judgement of risk and efficiency. We respect and understand all different choices.

Perhaps, there is certain bias in the expectation of the Newcomer Call due to its misleading name. We will soon adjust the names of levels to make them clearer and are deeply sorry for the unpleasant resulted experience.

We fully understand the frustration that players unexpectedly encounter players who fully equipped with premium gears while only wearing basic equipment. A better environment for new players is also what we want. We will take measures other than CE limitation to tackle this problem as soon as possible.


We have come to the end of this Devs’ talk. Please follow us for the latest news. And if you get any suggestions or encounter any problems, please feel free to post them in our official communities or contact us!

Thank you for your time and support, see you next time!