Maintenance Notice - Jan.21


Hi, Badlanders!

Thank you for your active participation in this test of Badlanders and your valuable feedback.

Based on the player comments and existing battlefield data collected so far, the dev team has fixed some bugs and updated the game content to provide a better gaming experience.


The following are the update details:

[Equipment Attribute Effect Changes]

After this update, the attributes on all equipments and attachments will see a major change.

1. Some of the attribute effects has been changed into random values, which will be generated by randomly taking values within a certain range.

2. The quality of each attribute has been adjusted, and its corresponding CE and additional value has been adjusted according to the quality.

3. Some brand new attributes has been added.


[New Additions]

1. A new feature of sharing items to the chat channel has been added. A share button will now show on the Tips of high quality [Equipments/Attachments/Guns].

2. New items, [Business Card Expansion] and [Wipe Chip] have been added to the Store, [Business Card Expansion] increases 50 friends limit after use, [Wipe Chip] resets the player's current combat data and agent career data after use.



1. The effect of [Overload Hormone] has been adjusted, of which the speed modifier has been adjusted to 10% and HP loss rate to 1/1s.

2. The names of each mode has been adjusted, the original [Newcomer Call/Agent Call/Expert Call] have been changed to [Shelter-Normal/Shelter-Professional/Shelter-Specialist]. And amo is no longer a certain spawn near guns in Professional and Specialist mode.

3. The sorting of attachments in Gun Bench has been optimised, now the unequipped attachments will show in priority.

4. The interactions and display of some interfaces has been optimised.



1. The problem of players' weapons occasionally floating away from their hands in the lobby has been fixed.

2. The problem of the interface occasionally being displayed incorrectly when jumping quickly from the Auction has been fixed.

3. The problem of occasionally losing firearms attachments when the insurance returns has been fixed.

4. The problem of abnormal character display caused by putting the gun into the backpack again after ADS has been fixed.