Maintenance Notice - MAR.23th


Hi, Badlanders!

Thank you all for your active participation in this Badlanders test and for providing a lot of valuable advice.


Based on the player opinions collected so far and the existing battlefield data, we fixed a number of bugs and updated the game content to provide a better game experience.


The following is the content of this update.


[Optimization / Adjustment]

1 - Adjusted the way firearms are displayed in the lobby modified to be held by the character

2 - Optimized the movement of characters walking in water in FPP mode.

3 - Optimized the settings of the pickup function on the PC side, and added the settings related to automatic replacement.

4 - Optimized some in-game interface interactions and display effects.



1 - Fixed an issue where a character would turn into a running motion when walking too fast.

2 - Fixed an issue where dragging the moving pad while using the "Glitch Escape" function could also trigger a teleport.


Tips: The NEW SEASON - "S3 EASTERN STRAYERS"  of Badlanders will come soon after the update on 2022.4.13 (UTC+8).