Maintennance Notice-August 30th


Hi, Badlanders!

To provide a better gaming experience for you, we will conduct a server maintenance and game update on August 31th 10:00am (UTC+8), which will last for about 120 minutes.During the period, you can still battle and use Auction functions as usual, but some systems will be temporarily unavailable.Thank you for your active participation in this test of Badlanders and your valuable feedback.The following are the update details:

[New Function]


1. SMG - [UMP9] technical test is added, Muzzle, Magazine, Grip can be equipped and Red Dot Sights, Holo Sights, 2x Scope, 4x Scope can be adapted.

2. Aug 31st  - Sep 13th, completing missions to receive firearm [UMP9].

[Devil Mine]

Brand new mode [Devil Mine] will be launched after this update. Base on individual basis, the new gameplay can obtain points through mining, the player who finally obtains the Devil's Eye and successfully escape is the winner.

Mode opening time: Aug 31st 2022 after maintenance - Sep 30th 2022 11:59pm.

Game Rules:

1. [Devil Mine token] is needed for playing this mode. No equipment and materials will be dropped. And player level needs to be higher than Lvl.7 to participate on the mode.

2. Players can obtain points through mining, different points correspond to different equipment and materials. When the points reach 10, player can get the Devil's Eye, successful escape with Devil's Eye is victory. Other players need to prevent the player with Devil's Eye from escaping.

3. New gamplay [Mining] is added to the mode

4. [Devil Mine token] can be obtained in [Redeem] shop with 2000 Cash, limited to 3 purchases per day. Tokens will be automatically recycle after the mode is over.

5. Aug 31st after maintenance - Sep 30th 11:59pm (UTC+8), The [Devil Mine] event opens. Complete missions during the event period to receive multiple rewards including Devil Mine token.


[Discount Store]

1. Aug 31st - Sep 21st the Discount Store Event opens. New camouflage [Star Trail] and [Compass] are available.

2. Completing missions can receive Discount coupon, which can be used to bargain for the two new camouflage, each camouflage can be used up to 5 times of bargains.

3. [Star Trail] and [Compass] that purchased from the Discount Store cannot be listed on Skin Auction.

[Lucky Wheel]

1. Aug 31st - Sep 18th the Lucky Wheel Event begins. Complete mission to receive Gearwheel, which can be used in Lucky Wheel to draw rewards like [Orange Fall-link], [Cast Iron Key], [Dynamic Order], [Fixative-Color Spray] and etc.

[Cheering for the Ace Summit]

1. During Sep 1st - Sep 8, Login can receive 6 Cheer Tickets. Sep 9 8:00pm - 0:00am player can get 6 Cheer Tickets for every 10mins online, in total of 12 Cheer Tickets throughout the event.

2. After the end of Ace Summit Team Tournament on Sep 9th, player can vote for the teams that are shortlisted for the Ace Summit, and bet on the champion team to get Cheer Gift Box.

3. One lucky player will be randomly selected from the players who successfully cheer for the champion to receive a Koi Giftpack. The Koi Giftpack contains the same rewards as the champion: Outfit [The peak] 60 days, [S4 Ace Summit Tournament Final Gift Box]*1, [Red Beach Box Key]*10.

[Store Update]

[Outfit Gift Box]

1. Aug 31st after after maintenance, [Outfit Gift Box] will be available in Store. Purchase to get Skin coins, and have a probability to obtain one of the following permanent outfit [Flag], [Fireman], [Iron Collective], [Energetic Era], [ScorchingSun], [Iron Collective - Backpack].

2. Accumulatively opening the Gift Box for 80 times, you will get a permanent outfit. After obtaining a permanent outfit, the cumulative opening progress will be reset.

3. In the [Redeem] system, outfits that can be obtained from the Gift Box will also be listed. Players can redeem them with Skin Coins.

[Hurricane Era Pack]

1. Aug 31st after maintenance - Sep 12th, Time-limited pack Hurricane Era is available. 20% Off for timed purchase, open to obtain Hurricane Era Outfit and Hurricane Era Backpack.

2. After the event time, this outfit will be restored to its original price and will be permanently listed on Store.

[Fixative-Color Spray]

1. Aug 31st after maintenance - Sep 30th, time-limited Fixative-Color Spray is available.

[New function]

[Giftpack Sharing]

1. When player has a purple or above quality Camouflage or Outfit for the first time, sharing will grants a chance to send out Giftpack for free.

2. Each Giftpack contains 5 1-hour trail cards of corresponding Outfit/Camouflage, which can be shared to the Global or Clan channel.

3. Sender and channel players have the opportunity to receive the Giftpack after it's sent until the 5 trial cards collection is completed.

4. Each player can receive a maximum of 3 giftpacks per day, and there is no limit to the number of times the giftpack can be issued.

[Inspection System]

1. [Quality Inspector Certification] is added. Complete the inspection missions every week to get the certification rewards when you log in the second week.


Team rules is adjusted:

1. Players below lvl.7 can only play in teams with players below lvl.7.

2. Players above lvl.8 can team up with players of higher level to participate in the game.


1. The performance issue of the elevator at the Red Beach Foundation is fixed. And the issue of jumping out of the elevator to go upstairs is also fixed.